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Regarding Rewarding N1, N2 Certified Interns

LOD Human Resource Development Corporation - Japan Center would like to send interns of LOD wishes for health, good luck and peace.

Another season of Japanese language proficiency exams has yielded results. Congratulations to those who continuously strive and have attained certain certifications in Japanese. For those who didn't achieve the desired outcome, we hope you won't lose heart and will continue your efforts in future exams.

For those who have obtained N1, N2 certificates in JLPT exams of 2019, 2020 and 2021, kindly fill out the information in the declaration form below. The Intern Support Department will update and compile a list of commendations for you. Each intern will only be rewarded once based on their highest achievement up to now.

Due to the complicated situation of Covid-19 pandemic, the award ceremony was postponed from 2020. And currently, to ensure the pandemic prevention, the Company will apply the form of awarding is bank transfer. The Company's certificate of merit and letter of gratitude will be delivered to the local area for their families.


- Interns need to fill in the money and letter recipient's information for the company to transfer and send documents to their family. The recipient of the money and letter must be the same person.

- It's mandatory to send a photo of the certificate to the mailbox:

In case of failure to send a photo of the certificate, it will not be recognized and no reward will be considered.

The deadline for registration is October 30, 2021.

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