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For 30 years of construction and development, the Company has brought more than 70,000 labors overseas to work, annually contributing approximately 35 million USD to the country's economy....

LOD Human Resource Development Corporation - LOD Corp (formerly Foreign Labor Cooperation Joint Stock Company - LOD) was established in 1992 in the context of the acquisition of Seafarer Export Company under Transport - Post Office Investment Consulting and International Cooperation Services Corporation. Starting with limited physical facilities and constrained capital, the company's generations of leadership and staff members, driven by determination and ambition, relentlessly strived and overcame countless difficulties and challenges. This effort resulted in building the LOD brand, positioning it among the leading companies in labor export and human resource development. LOD significantly contributes to the country's socio-economic development.


                                                                                                               LOD’s Head Office
Every year, the company dispatches an average of over 2,400 experts and workers across various industries to work in numerous countries such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia,  Ukraine, Latvia, Romania, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, the Middle East, Liberia... Additionally, the company consistently explores and expands into new markets across diverse countries, territories, and industries. These factors have helped the company maintain its position as one of the leading labor export companies.

From its initial scale with just over 10 employees, mainly operating in the supply of seafarers, up to now, the number of employees of the Company has reached 200 people, of which over 80% have university and postgraduate degrees. 

The production and business activities of the Company are increasingly diversified, expanding and covering many fields:
•    Labor export.
•    Import and export of goods.
•    Training for labor export, technical workers, and various other training programs.
•    Promotion, study abroad consultancy, domestic job introduction and supply.
•    Domestic and international travel services and commercial services. 
•    Trading in houses, supplies, construction materials, transport vehicles and equipment.
•    Passenger transport business.
•    Real estate business.
•    Construction of industrial and civil transport works.
In order to continuously improve the management system, improve service quality to meet all requirements of customers, the Company has successfully applied "TCVN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System in management, production and business.

For nearly 30 years of construction and development, the Company has brought more than 60,000 labors overseas to work, annually contributing around USD 35 million to the country's economy, contributing positively to the poverty reduction of the country. With such achievements, the Company was honored to be awarded the Third-class Labor Medal in 2002, the Second-class Labor Medal in 2007 and the Third-class Labor Medal in 2007 to Mr. Vu Cong Binh - General Director of the Company. In addition, for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019, LOD company is 1 out of 2 companies rated 6 stars out of nearly 500 Labor Export Companies.... and many certificates of merit awarded by the Government, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam.

Towards proactively meeting the demand for highly skilled labor both domestically and for international partners as well as for foreign-invested industrial zones in Vietnam, the company has undertaken the establishment of the LOD Vocational College of Engineering and Technology in Hung Yen Province. Spanning across an area of 62,000 m2, the company invested in upgrading the existing training facility into a Branch of LOD Vocational College of Engineering and Technology at 299 Nguyen Khoai Street, Thanh Luong, Hanoi, covering an area of 16,000 m2.

Towards expanding the supply of skilled labor for overseas markets with higher income potential, the company has established specialized units and departments dedicated to monitoring market segments attractive to labors, such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America. This is carried out in a comprehensive manner, starting from recruitment, training, supply and labor management, with direct involvement from foreign experts in consultancy and training.

 In parallel with supplying temporary labor for work abroad, LOD also implements retraining programs, job support, and provides labor for foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam. This initiative is designed for laborers who have completed contracts or internships overseas, leveraging their language skills and practical expertise to undertake crucial positions in production, business, and management within these enterprises.



The company's supply of over 60,000 labors for working overseas has significantly impacted both the economy and society, making a substantial contribution to poverty alleviation, increasing social income, and bringing in over USD 500 million in foreign currency for the country. For the export of seafarers alone, with an average income of 6,000 USD per seafarer, this initiative has notably improved the lives and increased the income of tens of thousands of impoverished fishermen households in Central provinces such as Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh and Quang Binh. On the other hand, the Company has also contributed positively to the development of human resources in Vietnam because the number of employees who completed the contract and returned home is a skilled and experienced workforce with modern industrial manners, which is promoting efficiency in local economic bases.



The living standards of the Company's employees have been increasingly enhanced. Average annual income increased by 15%. The company regularly organizes for employees to go on vacation, visit domestic and foreign beauty spots. The working environment and conditions of the Company are increasingly improved and upgraded more appropriately.


In addition to expanding production and business activities, the Company also focuses on other social activities such as adopting 02 heroic Vietnamese mothers, including Ms. Nguyen Thi Dang and Ms. Nguyen Thi Luyen in Quang Nam, building houses of gratitude, supporting flood victims, victims of Agent Orange, Vietnam Children's Fund,... hundreds of millions of dong.                         

•    Expand market share and labor export market, diversify types of training. Build LOD Company to become one of the leading companies nationwide in training and developing human resources to meet domestic and foreign needs
•    Effectively invest in other business lines such as tourism, commercial services, real estate business. Build a multidisciplinary LOD Company and affirm the brand name "LOD" in the Company's business lines.
•    Direct towards sustainable growth, financial transparency and corporate governance according to international standards.

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