Giỏ hàng



 Import and export activities are indispensable activities for any country, especially for developing countries. For rapid economic growth, countries need to boost export and import, because export will boost the domestic economy while import will ensure a continuous and efficient production process. Import and export activities bring Vietnam's economy into the world, actively participate in the international division of labor. Export activities allow us to take advantage of the country's advantages while establishing cultural and social relationships. Import activities allow us to have quick access to the world economy, access to advanced science and technology for the national development. Import is also a tool to promote domestic production and consumption.

 Recognizing this importance, LOD Company has promoted import and export activities. LOD Company develops its goods export business with a total import and export value of over USD 10 million from import and export contracts of machinery and equipment, iron and steel, synthetic plastic pellets.  

 LOD Company imports items such as plastic pellets, paper, iron and steel and supplies to the domestic market, mainly the Eastern region, serving the transportation industry.


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