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Company Name: DAIETSU Industry Technology Co., Ltd.


Director: VU CONG BINH


 Business line: Foreign Language Training (Japanese) & Vocational Training


Established: May 19, 2006


DAIETSU Industry Technology Co., Ltd. was established on May 19, 2006 under License No. 2568/GP of the Ministry of Planning and Investment. It was a joint venture with contributed capital from LOD Human Resource Development Corporation (LOD) (, Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd ( and Daizo Corporation (


 About the center:


Daietsu was established with the goal of foreign language (Japanese) training; basic mechanical vocational training; mechanical processing and manufacturing, ship design and consultancy, and the production of components and auxiliary equipment for ships to serve the purpose of training and enhancing the skills of trainees.


 Daietsu is a limited liability company with its own seal and operates under the laws of Vietnam.


Training program:


Japanese Language Course:


The foreign language training program lasts a minimum of 16 weeks for each basic or advanced course. These programs aim to equip trainees with the ability to communicate normally when working, familiarize with the names of items commonly used in homes, offices, factories ... at the same time understand Japanese customs and practices...


       * Duration: 5 days/week, with homework assignments for trainees to complete at the dormitory.


       * Curriculum structure: including 4 basic parts


            o Listening comprehension and reading comprehension skills.


            o Writing skill.


            o Speaking skill.


            o Equipping practical knowledge about customs and traditions, occupational safety... of Japan.


            * Curriculum: Primarily use easy-to-understand and easy-to-absorb textbooks for Vietnamese people such as: Wakaru Nihongo, Dozo yoroshiku, Minna no Nihongo, Shin Nihongo,...


Vocational training course:


            This program helps trainees master the knowledge of welding, turning, metal cutting, get acquainted with mechanical machines as well as mastery workmanship that can accurately process mechanical products and technical details.


            When admitted, trainees will be classified by workmanship into separate classes. Untrained trainees will learn at basic mechanical classes, then practice and take advanced and intensive classes to serve the needs of the domestic and foreign shipbuilding industry.


            Trainees will alternate theoretical and practical lessons. Besides, advanced classes will practice and fabricate mechanical products.


Training process:


     . Test Japanese language proficiency, entry workmanship.


     . Divide classes by their capacity


     . Conduct regular testing of academic performance with written tests.




    Train more than 10. 000 trainees learning Japanese and vocational skills




     - 40 Vietnamese teachers


     - 8 Japanese teachers


     - 1 Japanese advisor




  - Leadership of the Company


  - Finance and Accounting Department.


  - Training Department.


  - Administrative Department


  - Student Management Department.




6th floor, Building C, 924 Bach Dang Street, Thanh Luong Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City.


 Phone: 02432074555

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