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Chazuke (茶漬け, ちゃづけ) or Ochazuke (お茶漬け) is an simple rice dish of Japan, often referred to as tea water rice (green tea over rice).  

Ochazuke is considered one of the most popular mixed rice dishes adored by Japanese people. This dish began to be popular in the Heian period under the name "Yuzuke", then gradually became familiar and an indispensable culture of the Japanese. On days when one feels lazy to cook or weary of dishes like Udon noodles, Ramen, a bowl of Ochazuke is the ideal choice. Since the 1970s, instant seasoning packets with all the necessary ingredients for Ochazuke have emerged, officially making this dish a widely available instant meal throughout Japan.

Ochazuke's ingredients are very simple, with only rice and leftovers from previous meals or items found in the refrigerator, adding some tea, dashi stock or hot water poured on top. There's no need for extensive preparation or cooking time, Ochazuke is swiftly prepared. Although it is mixed rice, Ochazuke is still very elegant. As for the green tea, the Japanese opt for pure green tea rather than any strongly flavored variety. This is because the hot green tea is just enough to mask the leftover food scent while enhancing the flavors and providing the refreshing sensation characteristic of a purely Japanese dish.

Cuisine is not merely about eating; it also embodies culture and the love of people. As a nation with limited resources and a history marked by the scars of war, the Japanese have always known how to appreciate and cherish life. They value nature, nurture simplicity, and are careful with the smallest and most humble things, making the most of every gift bestowed by nature.

In modern times, Ochazuke has been creatively transformed to become more sophisticated and elaborate, featuring a wealth of ingredients and aesthetically pleasing presentations compared to its earlier forms. However, Ochazuke still maintains its inherent spirit and the traditional beauty of its humanity, telling a profound story that teaches people to appreciate and love the gifts from nature and the people close to them day and night.

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