Giỏ hàng



It is realized that the training is decisive to the quality of trainees, in 2005, LOD Company entered into a joint venture with Oshima Company to establish Daietsu Company with the orientation of training according to Japanese standards.

Our training and educational objective is "Nurturing self-study ability", enabling trainees to independently explore and research information and knowledge, thereby changing their own awareness and thinking positively, actively striving for long-term objectives in their future careers and lives.

Along with the motto "Always with you towards success", we always aim for the learning quality of trainees through self-compiled textbooks. Our Japanese language training program ranges from beginner to intermediate levels, integrating language usage in daily life and work, embedding knowledge about Japanese culture, work etiquette, regulations and principles within Japanese companies. Particularly, we provide training in skills of 5S, Ho-ren-so, teamwork, collective living skills, and methods for constructing plans for the next 5 or 10 years and beyond.

We wish to constantly develop in the field of training and supplying high-quality human resources for domestic and foreign organizations, at the same time create jobs and contribute to socio-economic development. We consistently accompany our trainees, providing guidance and creating an environment for them to understand and adapt to the cultural conditions and work environment, allowing them to achieve the highest results during their time living, working, and studying in the Land of the Rising Sun.


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