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Hello everyone!

My name is Tran Thi Thuy, I am currently working in Japan majoring in Kaigo. Achieving an N2 Japanese certificate for me was not only lucky but also an effort in this period of working and studying simultaneously. I also want you like me, to be able to achieve Japanese N2 certificate and higher to realize your future dream.

Here, I would like to share about learning Japanese as well as how I felt during my time of living and working in Japan.

My current life is happy, sad to have friends! But the truth is: "I'm in Japan and that's amazing!" Here, I can do what I like, discover countless new things. I'm about to finish 3 years of Intern, 3 years is fast, I thought I was new here.

The weather in Japan has 4 quite pronounced seasons with its own characteristics of each season. Spring has poetic cherry blossoms, autumn has unforgettable impressive red leaves, winter has snowfall. ... Go to Japan to talk to Japanese people, work with them, live and immerse yourself in their culture and Japanese food... everything here appeals to me. Fortunately, I was well equipped with Japanese (I got N3) before coming here, so everything has been relatively smooth for me. I'm very grateful for that.

If your Japanese level is not good, when you are studying in Vietnam, try your best to reach a Japanese level of N4 or even N3!

During my time at LOD company, I devoted all my focus to learning. Once you're here, there will be many distractions like getting accustomed to work, building friendships, relationships with colleagues... At that point, without clear goals, motivation, along with specific actions, even after three years of internship here, your Japanese might not improve much.

During the tough times when it seems impossible to overcome, give yourself a break for a day or two to relax, then gather your strength again. Start afresh, stronger, to continue conquering the unfinished journey!

Keep trying, I believe that good things will come to you when you don't expect it!

Thank you for listening to my sharing.


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