Giỏ hàng



Japanese people love fresh fish, but the seas near the coast no longer have as many fish. To meet the demand, the Japanese built larger ships and started offshore fishing. The farther they catch fish, the longer it takes to bring the fish back. If the trip takes several days, the fish won't be fresh anymore.

Japanese people don't like stale fish. Fishing companies installed freezers on fishing boats, and the fish was frozen on the spot. The freezer helped the vessel travel farther and catch fish for a longer time. However, the taste of frozen fish cannot be as good as fresh fish, frozen fish prices drop. The companies immediately put the farming tanks on board. They caught fish and put them in tanks.

After a period of cramped shaking, the fish were tired but still alive. Japanese consumers noticed the difference: fish kept for many days lost their fresh taste.

How did Japanese companies dealt with this? They released a small shark into the tank on board. The shark ate some of them, the rest stayed alive and healthy and their meat remained delicious when they reached the shore.

Dear friend! Challenges are what keep us fresh every day. Instead of avoiding them, jump in and face the challenges. If the challenges are too many or too big, rearrange them, put them together into a block, mobilize maximum resources and refuse to surrender.

If you've reached your objective, set a bigger objective. If you have met the needs of yourself and your family, turn your attention to your team, to society and to everyone. Don't create success and then stop and fall asleep in it.

You have inner strength, skills and the ability to make a difference. Release the shark into your tank and see how far you can swim.


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