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LOD Vocational College of Technology and Technology is built on a total area of 6.2 hectares with 10 blocks: total floor area of 18,000m2, 1 driving training ground and sports ground. Total investment value is over VND 300 billion. The school was completed in 2010.

LOD Vocational College of Technical and Technological belongs to LOD Human Resource Development Corporation ( The school is built spaciously on an area of 6.2 hectares, with a modern scale that can receive intermediate vocational colleges: 3000 students/year, Technical workers and labor export: 9,000 students/year. Currently, the school has been completed and put into operation with 50 theoretical classrooms, 25 practical classrooms, 150 dormitory rooms, 10 expert rooms, practical workshops, labs, electronic libraries, cafeterias meeting 300 servings/shift, 1 driving training ground...

With the advantage of being a human resource training unit under an enterprise that has supplied labor for many years in the field of labor export. The school continues to follow the direction of training high-quality human resources for the current orders of the company and traditional partners. Therefore, graduates will immediately have a stable job, in accordance with the specialty they have been trained


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