Giỏ hàng


In recent times, LOD Human Resource Development Corporation has continuously received information from some employees in Dong Thap province, Binh Duong reporting being victims of individuals impersonating the company’s employees, gaining trust to deceive and misappropriate their assets.

In response the above situation, LOD Human Resource Development Corporation recommends that individuals needing to register for Japanese Skill Internship Program should pay attention to some contents as follows:

  • Proactively raise vigilance and communicate with relatives, family members and friends about methods and tricks of fraudsters to avoid.
  • Not provide personal information, phone number, ID card (citizen ID card) number, residential residence, bank account number, OTP code on personal phone ... to anyone unknown or without verifying identity or background.
  • When receiving phone calls with signs of fraud mentioned above, individuals should remain calm and promptly contact the company, and at the same time, the Company would like to confirm that there are only 02 websites introducing the Company and only 01 Fanpage, 01 Hotline to advise and verify information as follows:


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