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Through the use of Kodan, one of Japan's traditional storytelling arts, Vietnamese interns have more opportunities to understand more about the country they will live and work in.

On February 12 morning, as part of a series of cultural activities to celebrate 50 years of Vietnam-Japan relations, the Japan International Friendship Association in collaboration with LOD Human Resource Development Corporation organized a Japan-Vietnam art exchange program with the theme "The world of storytelling".

At the same time, this event helps strengthen exchanges and understanding between 2 sides, becoming a bridge to create sustainability in cooperation relationships.
At the event, Mr. Vu Cong Binh, Chairman of LOD Human Resource Development Corporation emphasized the significance of the event when 2023 is a special milestone, celebrating 50 years of Vietnam-Japan relations.

Chairman Vu Cong Binh
In recent years, the cooperation relationship in the fields of economy, culture and human resources has been growing strongly, which is reflected in high-level meetings between the governments of 2 countries, the increasing number of Japanese companies investing in Vietnam and Vietnamese interns coming to Japan increases every year.
The program is organized to help Vietnamese international students and interns have the opportunity to learn about and experience the culture of Japan - the country where Vietnamese interns will live, study and work in the future.


 General Director Dang Thu Ha
"Exchange activities are organized to give interns more opportunities to learn and experience the culture of the country where they are about to study and work, arouse more interest in learning Japanese, so that the interns are more confident and mature in the upcoming challenging journey in Japan", Mr. Binh emphasized.


Vietnamese interns presented traditional performances to Japanese guests. In return, leading artists from the land of the rising sun performed the traditional Japanese art of storytelling (Kodan). This is a direction to transmit and improve language skills and cultural understanding for international students and interns who are about to go to Japan.
Source: Dan Tri

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