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On May 5, 2023 afternoon at 924 Bach Dang, Thanh Luong, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, Mr. Vu Cong Binh – Chairman of the Board of Management and Ms. Dang Thu Ha – General Director of LOD Human Resource Development Corporation – and all employees of the company warmly welcomed Minister Kato Katsunobu and the delegation of the Ministry of Health, Japanese Labor and Welfare coming to visit and work.

At the meeting, Minister Kato Katsunobu assessed that the contributions of Vietnamese workers to the socio-economic development of Japan are extremely great. Minister Kato Katsunobu also said: Currently, Japan is studying to amend its applicable legal regulation on the program to receive interns and foreign workers to Japan for internship and work (framework program). In the process of studying and amending this regulation, the Japanese expert council has been paying special attention to the goal of technology transfer, ensuring high-quality human resource training, not only contributing human resources to Japan but also to the world.

"The change to the Specified Technical Intern and Skilled Worker Program aims to create a new system to 'protect and develop' human resources. This is considered a new turning point for Japan in receiving foreign workers", Minister Kato Katsunobu said.

The company's leadership reported to the Minister and the delegation of Japan about the process of nearly 30 years of supplying Vietnamese labors to work abroad as well as supplying an average of 2,000 interns per year for internship in Japan. LOD completely highly values and supports Japan's efforts in researching and amending the applicable legal regulations on the program of receiving foreign interns and workers to Japan for internship and work. With a forward-looking approach and a clear understanding of the global trends in human resource development, Japan aims to amend the relevant legal regulations to create a working environment for native people as well as foreigners working in Japan in more and more progressively, fair and reasonable manner.

To the best of our ability, LOD is willing to coordinate and actively contribute ideas for Japan to refer to in the process of amending regulations in order to conform to the laws and interests of the 2 countries in the direction of: ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of foreign workers (including Vietnamese workers).

The Minister sincerely thanked for the warm reception of the employees and trainees of LOD Human Resource Development Corporation.


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