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What can happen in just 7 days? If you take that time to achieve your objective, how great is your desire? Let's see with LOD – Daietsu what are the fun secrets to learn a new language in just a short week!

1. Understand why it is necessary to learn Japanese

Define a clear objective at the beginning and then, outline a specific path to achieve that objective.


The Steps of the Journey to Conquer Japanese


For example: When studying at LOD – Daietsu, the objective to be achieved is N5 or N4; When working in Japan, you reach N3 after 1 year, N2 after 2-3 years. Next, to achieve the above objectives, what specific things need to be done?

2. Let Japanese appear everywhere

Right from the beginning of your studies, let Japanese become a part of your life. In this way, you will passively acquire knowledge while still being able to continue performing daily tasks. All activities, furniture in the dormitory ... are also "externalized" by notes expressed in Japanese. As a result, learning Japanese will become much more comfortable and natural.

3. Find a companion

Finding a friend with the same objective increases motivation to study. Whether it's competition or a shared sense of responsibility, that friend's presence puts pressure on you to not give up halfway.

4. Break it down into smaller objectives

It is extremely important to gain small achievements in the process of reaching the ultimate objective. These small achievements are small challenges, such as using a new language to communicate in everyday life that will force you to constantly hone your vocabulary to overcome those obstacles. The more small results you have, the more motivated you will be to achieve bigger results.

5. Immerse yourself in the language

Find ways to apply what you've learned to life. Immerse yourself with music, events or movies so you can use Japanese more naturally. At the same time, this way makes you feel more interested and motivated to learn Japanese.

6. Diverse learning method

Try new things and different resources to create more excitement in learning Japanese. Variety is the "spice" of life. In addition to immersing yourself in books and computers, regularly listen to NHK radio or post articles about Turkish football online.

In fact, there are no rules that are absolutely right for learning a foreign language, nor are there any tools or teachers that can help you fluently speak a language other than yourself. Language consists of 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. A lot of people come to class every week to do homework, talk to teachers but then have almost no face-to-face interaction with native speakers. As a result, the ability to communicate is often limited.

Try to add new things every day to diversify your learning style. You can listen to an emotional song, read an article with opposing political views, write a story for children, or talk to yourself every day in a new language.


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